Our Environmental Policy

We at Paragon Fire Protection acknowledge our responsibility to the environment and the communities in which we operate. Realising that our business units have an ecological impact both in terms of the services provided and through the services of contractors and suppliers, Paragon Fire Protection shall continue to develop and improve methods of maximising its efficiency and minimising its effects in the environment.


The aim of this policy is to build upon our existing environmental practices and to measure our achievements in improving our performance on an ongoing basis. We recognise the ethical and legal responsibilities to protect, maintain and improve the environment by working towards sustainable practices in the use and disposal of materials, energy, transport, and landscape management where it can contribute towards sustainable development locally, nationally and internationally.


Our commitments will be achieved through the introduction of an environmental management system that will provide continual improvement in our performance and compliance with our core values. We have shared responsibility to make this environmental policy work and as such are committed to its adherence and development.


Waste Production & Disposal

Paragon Fire Protection will consider methods to improve the management of waste. Priority will be given to improving the purchasing of materials to reduce waste generation, waste minimisation through re-use, waste recycling, the best environmental option for the disposal of waste.


Paragon Fire Protection is authorised to remove from site our customer's waste products, generated by our services. Our waste carrier license has been issued by the Environmental Agency.

Certification Number        CB/YM3748BH

Valid From                      01.05.13

Expiry Date                     30.04.16