This page of our website is devoted to reminding our customers of the dangers and consequences we all face, in the event of a fire taking place.

The facts and figures quoted are the result of years of gathering information within the fire protection industry.

The news articles are real life incidents.

Some may highlight the damage inflicted on a business after a fire, and others will highlight the consequences of any business not taking Fire Precautions seriously and jeopardising the safety of its staff, visitors and the public in general.

Facts and Figures

All information is taken from the Government website (

Figures taken from 1st January - 31st December 2008


- UK Fire & Rescue services attended 727,000 fire and false alarm incidents.

- England alone recorded 567,000 incidents.

- Total fires for the UK 327,000 if which England had 252,000.

- UK false alarm attendance by the brigade - 399,000.

- England had 315,000 false alarms.

- Primary fires in the UK amounted to 106,000.

- Secondary fires in the UK amounted to 186,000.

News Headlines