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Fire & Safety Signs

Fire and Safety Signs have an important part to play in the overall effectiveness of a Fire Safety policy. Here are some examples.


Escape Route Signs

These signs are vital to aid evacuation in the event of an emergency. An effectively signed escape route system will certainly aid the safety of the staff.

Fire Fighting Equipment Signs

These signs are required to ensure occupants can easily locate and use life saving equipment in the event of an emergency.

Fire Action Notices

These Signs are required to instruct the occupants on what to do in the event on an emergency and the need to evacuate to the fire assembly point.


There are many more options available including mandatory and prohibition signs. We supply a full range of signs for the specific hazards, first aid, personal protective equipment and floor way guidance systems.


We are an authorised distributor of Jalite AAA Photoluminescent range of Safety Signs. This range of signs provides excellent levels of brightness, particularly in areas of low lighting within a building.


If you require some advice on your current stock of Fire and Safety Signs, or you know your signs need upgrading, we will be more than happy to survey your premises.

We offer a supply only or supply and installation service. Fitting of the signs we supply is included in the purchase price.

We can also supply bespoke signs. We supply stainless steel finish signs to complement the range of stainless steel extinguishers.


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